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Since 2001 Planet Lambretta has been a resource, providing a large selection of various Lambretta scooters to vintage Lambretta collectors and aficionados alike, who desire genuine Italian Lambretta scooters and only Lambretta scooters. 


We are a trusted source and are known for high quality restoration projects.


In my quest for sourcing only genuine Lambretta scooters and parts, I have visited Italy many times attending swap meets, meeting with local Lambretta merchants and shops.


And of course how can I not visit the Lambretta museum, visiting Vittorio at Casa lambretta. and the old abandoned Lambetta factory.





Barn near Riccioni
How much?
Sr. Capelli
The old abandone Lambretta factory
lambretta shop Milan
Vittorio and Harmik
Vittorio book signing
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