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Lambretta Restoration

Services offered:

  • Disassembling of body parts and engine

  • Cleaning, media blasting, and metal etching of metal compoments

  • Check the frame and the front fork for alignment.

  • Welding of metal parts as needed.

  • CADMIUM plating of original hardware

  • Replacing old fasteners with stainless steel ones for durability

  • Chrome plating of various components

  • Polishing of various aluminum components

  • Ceramic coating of exhaust and U-bend pipe

  • Sealing of inside of gas tank

  • Replacing old components with new ones: electric harness, cables, tires, seat cover, handle grips, and various rubber pieces

  • Rebuilding of carburetor

  • Rebuilding motor to include new Italian crankshaft, bearings, seals, clutch plates, and 12-volt electronic stator

  • Powder coating  of internal body parts (0ptional)

  • Primer and Painting of all exterior parts. Material and Labor $5k.

  • Final assembly and testing prior to release.


Restoration cost

The cost of a full restoration, including all U.S. labor and materials, may vary depending on clients' preferences.  Typically, restoration costs start at $12,000

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